Jonathan Bock - Ceramics

Death Takes a Tumble

Raku Fired Ceramic Wall Hanging


approx 16w x 12h inches

Copper Penny, Apple Crackle, and White Crackle raku glazes and Duncan low fire Really Red glaze over a Laguna Blend clay body.



"Death Takes a Tumble" depicts a mounted Amazon plunging her lance through the ribs of a skeletal figure.  The scene portrays the ageless battle between life and death. Although he can never truly be defeated, there are times when life triumphs and the reaper hits the ground hard.  The piece is one of  a series of Raku fired wall hangings created in 2005.  Each piece begins as a slab of clay, which is then draped over an arrangement of stones to create an irregular undulating surface.  The modified slab serves as a blank canvas for gesture drawing from a live model.  As the clay dries the drawing is refined and sculpted in low relief.  The final work is bisque fired and then raku fired in a 55 gallon drum kiln.



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