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Willoughby Glass


Helen Willoughby Peck was raised in San Francisco, where ethnic and cultural diversity greatly influenced her sense of creative design. Expressing herself artistically began early with a strong interest in textiles. Embroidery and quilting have been a passion since her teens. Other methods of artistic expression have passed through her life, but the same qualities prevail in each - color and texture. Her work includes platters, plates, wall hangings, and jewelry bracelets and pendants.


Helenís glass fusing skills are mostly self taught, although she has honed her skills with a few classes at Bullseye Glass Company in Portland , and with the well known glass artists Brock Craig and Avery Anderson.  She still experiences excitement and anticipation each morning when she opens her kiln to see what the previous nightís firing has achieved. 

She found that she could uniquely combine her love for color and design with her other great love - cooking and presenting her culinary creations on a beautifully dressed table. Her colorful plates and platters now grace many homes.

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