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Dixie Salazar


California artist Dixie Salazar is a talented artist, author, activist, and educator.   She has been a working artist and writer for more than forty years.   Her work is alive with the passion of life, and rich in the color and iconography of her Spanish heritage.  Her paintings are a delightful combination of flowing forms, vivid color, and provocative abstraction, tempting fantasies that stimulate the imagination, and leave the viewer hungry for more.


Salazar works in many media including oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, collage,  and photography.   Her work has been shown extensively on the West Coast, including exhibits in San Francisco,  Las Vegas, New York, the Merced Multicultural Art Museum, and Fresno City Hall. 


Dixie is a successful poet and published author, publishing her first novel, LIMBO in 1995, and three volumes of poetry,  HOTEL FRESNO, REINCARNATION OF THE COMMONPLACE,  and BLOOD MYSTERIES by University of Arizona Press.  


Her next volume of poetry, FLAMENCO HIPS AND RED MUD FEET will be released shortly in the fall of 2009. 


Dixie taught for many years at CSU Fresno, Corcoran prison, and Valley State Prison for Women. Her recent projects include founding a homeless shelter in Fresno CA, and a photographic exhibit focused on the homeless encampments in Fresno.  She is active in local activist organizations including Filmworks and the Pamela Kincaid Community Center. 



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