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Bonnie Bisbee

Peace Dove Arriving Ivory in the Garden


Bonnie Bisbee attended art school in Paris at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts, and in San Francisco at the San Francisco Art Institute. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree at SFAI in 1971.  Her work has been widely shown in Europe and the United States, particularly in California's San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Merced,  and the Yosemite foothills. 


Besides studying art and art history, she also studies symbolism as expressed in dreams, myths, and religions.  



 The artist states; 


"When I paint, the content of my work comes straight from my unconscious. Later, my brain catches up with the work!


Interpreting a symbolic or visionary painting is similar to interpreting dreams: Using free association, each viewer comes up with a unique and valid explanation. But as with dreams, there are multiple layers of meaning. At the foundation are the Archetypes, powerful images that reside in humanity’s collective unconscious. If a painting has a strong effect on a viewer, doubtless one or more of these Archetypes are alive in the work.


My art expresses aspects of the spiritual and healing side of Nature. To me this is especially important today. We are all looking for a new and better way to relate to ourselves, each other, and this beautiful planet we call Earth."

CLICK HERE for Bonnie's Resume / List of Exhibitions

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