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Alan Work

“Nature moves, it is not static.

 I am inspired by the rhythm and  flow of natural landscape, its complex shapes and shades. 

Though I tend towards realism in my art, I don't try to capture an exact image but rather how it felt to be there,

 the subtleties of color, the rich variety of textures".


Courting Loon - Serigraph by Alan Work

Vernal Falls - Yosemite by Alan Work 

Oregon artist Alan Work creates lovely images of nature, beautifully rendered with  fine detail.  Alan is a silk screen printer.  “Serigraph” is the term used when silkscreen printing is used to create "original" fine art prints, typic ally in small numbered editions, hand printed and hand signed by the artist.


Images are stenciled on stretched silk screens and printed in multiple layers on paper.  A silkscreen is the printing device, not the surface that is printed on.  A black and white image uses a single stencil with black ink on white paper.  Color images can require up to 40 screens to create the final image.


Alan's work portrays the landscapes and wildlife of Oregon and California, from Three Sisters Wilderness to Yosemite National Park .  Although starting out with an interest in hard edge abstracts, his passion for hiking and camping in the Sierras led him to find a style that would better convey his love of landscape and share the spiritual joy he felt from being in wilderness.


Alan has been a graphic artist, muralist, painted in acrylics and now works as a printmaker. He taught art and design at both the Cooper School of Art and California State University in Long Beach.


In 2009 his piece "winter Shadows" was featured in the annual Yosemite Renaissance Exhibit.

Courting Loon Half Dome Vernal Falls, Yosemite Winter Shadows

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