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Nadi Spencer

Nadi Spencer

“My goal is to capture my passion for nature and life with color. I live in the foothills below Sequoia National Park, the most beautiful place in the world. You just have to stop, stand still, and open your eyes.”

Nadi Spencer has been a professional artist for 40 years. She paints in a bold colorist style. Her vibrant, close-up watercolor views represent a slice of the whole picture, challenging the viewer to fill in the rest of the story. Her acrylic paintings range from landscapes of the Sierra to 60- foot long murals that tell a much broader story.

Her commission work consists of dog and people portraits, home portraits, landscapes and murals. She has been painting dogs for forty years, and has reached dog owners from around the world via her Facebook page “Dog Art by Nadi”.

She is constantly learning and trying new directions, but is happiest in her studio in Three Rivers, California. She has a strong emotional attachment to the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada, which surround her gallery and studio.
“Painting is magic, and I want magic in my life every day.”

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