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Woodworking by Daru Stevens



Daru Stevens began his career as a woodworker in 1991 after retiring from teaching High School English.  Daru outfitted his shop with top-of-the-line tools, and began doing precision woodworking using the Incra Jig, which makes it possible to work to unusual tolerances for a wood shop. Since then he has produced a wide rang of items, including boxes, cutting boards, and trivets. His major focus was on expertly crafted jewelry boxes featuring double dovetails, which must be done to within .003”. 

Stevens relocating to Oakhurst in 2000, where he set up a larger shop and continued woodworking, making furniture and smaller items. In 2011 he began focusing on lathe work, and is currently producing a wide range of forms including bowls, vases, brush holders and pencil pots.

“I’m still a beginner. the pros say it takes 10,000 hours to be proficient. I don’t think I’ll do that in this lifetime. Since I’ve been doing layups for twenty years, I started experimenting with layups to turn, and discovered it worked and produced some unusual pieces. My purpose is to reveal the inner beauty of the wood. But the layups provide an additional opportunity: to show different woods in combination and their unusual characteristics.”

Stevens has shown his work at he Jessel Gallery in Napa, California and has worked as a writer for Woodworkers’ Journal. In 1998 his work was featured in Patrick Spielman’s The Art of the Router with other router artists from around the world.



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