Miniature Piano, music box, and jewelry box combined.  Hinged lid and keyboard cover.  Excellent painting with intricate detail. Reuge music box action.  Hand painted enamel.  Scene portrays a dancing maiden accompanied by a group of young musicians.  Painting is signed by F. Winter.  Tune is Mendelssohn.  Keyboard cover is decorated with three naked cherubs, one reading, and the other two weaving a garland of flowers.


4 7/8" long x 2 3/4" high x  3 1/4" wide

  Excellent Condition. Action by Reuge music boxes.  "Reuge" brand name stamped on winding key.  

Historical Note: In 1865 Charles Reuge, watchmaker from the Val-de-Travers, settles in Sainte-Croix and began making pocket watches with musical movements. While many music box manufacturers went out of business afte rthe introduction of the phonograph around 1910, Reuge survived the transition, and today is the number one manufacturer of luxury music boxes, singing birds, and musical pocket watches.

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