Artifacts - Mexico and Central America



Stone Carving

Seated Figurine / Pendant

Origin: Central America, 

probably Costa Rica

circa 400 BC to 500 AD


From a California private collection 

CONDITION:  Typical age wear. Missing tip of left foot. Associated crack encircling left leg, probably from a plow strike or tool strike. Repaired.

dimensions: approx 2.5" high x 1" deep x 1" wide across shoulders 

Very nice example of a Pre-Columbian miniature stone carving from Central America.  Squatting figure with hands at sides. Open mouth, wide eyes, unusual braided beard.  Flattened back. Possibly a hunchback or dwarf. Linear design around head, possibly representing adornment or tattoos.  Smooth red / brown stone with tight matrix very similar in look and feel to Catlinite.  Drilled through under beard to accommodate a cord for hanging as a pendant.  While our best guess as to origin is Costa Rica, there are some similarities to Mezcala and Chontal stone figures.



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