Artifacts - Mexico and Central America


Stone Carving

Costa Rican  

Seated Figurine

circa 400 BC to 600 AD

collected circa 1970


From a California private collection 


Very nice example of a Mayan miniature stonecarving from the Nicoya region of Costa Rica.  Smooth mottled tan / ochre stone with dark speckled matrix and a very faint greenish cast.  Wonderful pose. Seated on low stool with hands raised to sides of head, reminiscent of the " hear no evil " monkey. Classic "axe god" features with slit eyes and triangular form delineating nose and mouth.

Drilled for stringing in three places on both sides.  Possibly worn as a pendant, or attached to clothing. Similar seated figures were though to have been used in curing rituals.

Very good condition with typical age wear.  No chips or cracks.  No repairs.


dimensions: approx 2" high x 1" deep x 1 1/8" wide across shoulders 

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