Artifacts - Mexico and Central America

 Pre-Columbian Ceramic

Burnished Effigy Vessel

origin; Western Mexico, probably Nayarit, 

possibly Colima or Jalisco


circa 100-500AD

collected circa 1970


From a California private collection 


Fabulous Example of a Western Mexican effigy pottery vessel.  Red / Brown clay with a mottled patina from age and burial. Distinctive waisted hourglass form with flared rim.  Anthropomorphic effigy neck with open mouth, lozenge shaped eyes, protruding ears.  Rope-like arms raised to sides of head.

Faint traces of multi-colored pigment, mostly faded away by age.  Fishbone pattern linear design faintly visible, typical of works from Nayarit.  Traces of black, white, and  red slip with black spotting typical of the region. Concave base.  Signs of burnishing overall.

Very good condition.  Some light chipping at rim.  No cracks. No repairs. Lovely patina. 

dimensions: approx 7" diameter x 8" tall 

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