Artifacts - Mexico and Central America

 Pre-Columbian Ceramic

Effigy Vessel / Pedestal

Origin; Mayan, Central America

probably Costa Rica or Veracruz

circa 500-1000AD

collected circa 1970


From a California private collection 

Effigy pottery pedestal.  Terra Cotta clay with a burnished matte surface.  Hollow hourglass form with tall foot and wide rim.  Anthropomorphic / zoomorphic effigy head applied to neck with open mouth, lozenge shaped eyes, and ears adorned with ear spools.  High Cheekbones, flared mostrils, pronounced tongue and upper teeth.  Figure has both human and animal characteristics.  Obviously a fearsome being!  Probably used for supporting another object or vessel.

Good condition.  Typical wear from age and burial. Some light chipping at rim.  Professionally repaired from several large pieces. 

dimensions: approx 5" diameter x 6" tall 

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