Artifacts - Mexico and Central America


Costa Rican Ceramic

Pataky Vessel

Nicoya Culture

Early Classic Period

circa 500 to 800 AD

collected circa 1970

From a California private collection 


Mayan polychrome ceremonial funerary vessel from Costa Rica.  Tan clay with applied tan and red mottled ochre slip. Scraffito drawings depicting geometric forms and a difficult to define fish / snake / dragon / god form emitting flames, lighting, or energy from its mouth. Line work is energetic and exciting with dynamic triangular,  zig-zag,  and crosshatch designs.  Rim painted red ochre, base painted with black, red ochre, and tan bands.


Good condition.  Lovely patina. Professionally repairedfrom a few large pieces. One noticeable chip on base.

dimensions: approx 9" diameter at base x 12" tall 

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