Artifacts - Mexico and Central America


Ceramic Sculpture

Zoomorphic Vessel

Colima Dog or Coati

origin; Western Mexico

Colima, or Jalisco, or Nayarit

circa 500-1000AD

collected circa 1970


From a California private collection

Pottery animal sculpture from Western Mexico, most likely Colima, possibly Jalisco.  Red clay with a burnished red / brown slip on surface, darker on left side.   Beautifully sculpted with typical robust body, globular eyes, playful features, and perky ears.   Simple, peg-like feet and large opening on tail end. Lovely patina.

Condition: Typical wear from age and burial. Some calcification overall.  Minor flaking of slip on left side of neck. Professional repair on lip of opening on left side, visible as a slight deformation in photo below. 

dimensions: approx 8" long x 5" wide x 5" tall 

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