Artifacts - Mexico and Central America

Collection of

 Pre-Columbian Clay Heads

circa 1000 to 1500 AD

collected circa 1970


Image below includes a Nayarit style head with one ear spool, a Veracruz painted figurine with complex headdress, a perforated stone disk with linear markings, and another mythological beast, probably a snake.

Ten antique Mexican Pre-Columbian clay heads in various styles.  All pieces are broken fragments of figurines or other ceramic objects. Most appear to be Mayan, some collected in Teotihuacan, others in in the Chichén Itzá area of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Left most figure below is a bird-like mythological being. The other six are human heads.

All pieces (except the stone ring) are fragments with typical wear from age. 

dimensions: approx 1" wide x 1" high, 

(some smaller, some larger)

Stone disk is approx. 2" in diameter

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