Artifacts - Mexico and Central America

 Collection of Five


Costa Rican

Beads and Whorls

circa 400 BC to 600 AD

collected circa 1970


From a California private collection 


Very nice collection of assorted Mayan beads and spindle whorls. Two globular greenstone beads, triple drilled on one end.  One complex ceramic whorl with semicircular designs.  One flat rounded ceramic whorl, and one jadeite conical whorl.

conical bead - dimensions: 

approx 7/8" diameter x 1 1/8" deep

globular beads - dimensions: 

pale green bead - approx 1 1/8" diameter 

dark green bead - approx 1 1/4" diameter

Very good condition with minor age wear.  Dark green bead has a surface chip and small crack, probably from a tool strike.  Conical bead has a couple of small shallow chips.

ceramic beads - dimensions: approx 7/8" diameter 

Spindle whorls are rounded disks made of stone or fired clay with a central hole for spinning thread from lengths of fiber. Some are decorated with puncture marks or incised designs.  Jadeite was the most precious of all materials in the eyes of the pre-Columbian peoples of Costa Rica.  Jadeite and greenstone were worked into a wide variety of items from tools and utensils to items worn as emblems of social and political power.

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