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Our showroom features contemporary American and international fine and folk art.



The gallery offers both rotating shows, and a permanent inventory of paintings, prints, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, and folk art. 

Our American collection includes work by painters Susan Bolen, Ginny Burdick, Donald Putt Putman, Terry Robinson, Mary Jane Brewster, Dixie Salazar, Duncan Alanson Spencer, and California printmakers Judy DeRosa, Kirsten Francis, Bridget Henry, Andrea Rich, Alan Work, and Linda Zupcic. 



Our folk art collection includes textiles, stoneware, and lacquer ware from Indonesian and Thailand, Mexican ceramics and woodcarving, Molas, Pueblo Pottery, Native American Jewelry, Balinese masks, and Australian Aboriginal artwork.



Also on display is a wide selection of contemporary art pottery by Sandy Kinzie, Matthew Patton, Thomas Boldt, Cindy Searles, Amy Morgan, Tiwi Wood, Richard Moore, Mountain Mud, Foxlo Pottery, Christy and Cedric Brown, Steven Veach, and many other fine ceramic artists.


Our Team from left to right, Ernest Bock, Gloria Garland, Mary Lou Bock, Jonathan Bock.

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