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Williams Gallery West - Appraisal Services

Williams Gallery West provides appraisal services.  Our areas of expertise include fine art and folk art, Jewelry, Native American art, Pre-Columbian artifacts, pottery, prints, antiques, weapons, books, toys, pop culture collectibles, ephemera, vintage & ethnic items.


Our basic appraisal cost is 30.00 USD.  If you are looking for a free appraisal, please do not inquire regarding the current value of works in your collection. You can do your own research if you like, but do not ask us to do your work for you ;)


Margot de Taxco Enamel Snake Jewelry - Circa 1950 

The gallery provides photography, research, and appraisal services.  Basic appraisal cost is 30.00 USD.  Basic Appraisals are based on our best knowledge upon examination of the item appraised.


In-Depth Appraisals require additional research. In-Depth Appraisals are billed hourly at 30.00 per hour.  


All appraisals will be provided in writing, and in most cases, can be used for insurance purposes.

We accept payment by check, money order, credit card, and on-line payment services Paypal and Square.  

Items from the John Lenk Collection

For more information contact:

Williams Gallery West

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Hawaiian Tapa Cloth - Circa 1960

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